Monday, September 21, 2009

Cover Wars: Carrie Ryan

Thanks Sammee!

The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, a post-apocalyptic tale about a girl trying to find an escape from the only life shes ever known, is already released in stores now. The companion story, The Dead-Tossed Waves is being released March 9, 2010. The author, Carrie Ryan, has posted the future paperback covers on her blog, which are a radical difference from the hardback covers.



The paperback version of The Forest Of Hands And Teeth will be released February 9, 2010, while The Dead-Tossed Waves will be most likely be out sometime in 2011.

My pick are definitely the hardcovers. They're more .. intense, more fitting to the mood of the stories.

Which one is your pick for this cover war?


  1. I like both. But I think I'm leaning toward the paperbacks. After finding out what the books are actually about, the paperback covers seem to be more fitting (the hardcovers look more like historical novels to me).

  2. This is hard. I much prefer both covers for The Dead-Tossed Waves to the ones for The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I'd probably go paperback for TFOHAT but really can't choose for The Dead-Tossed Waves. They're both beautiful and unique.

  3. I love the paperback cover for TFOHAT. I saw it the other day and want it so bad. For The Dead-Tossed Waves, I like them both about the same.

  4. I'll definitely vote for the paperback covers! They're absolutely beautiful!