Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Early Halloween + Other Stuff

I'm leaving for Ohio early tomorrow morning, and between last minute packing (I'm a horrible procrastinator) and trying to keep myself awake, I won't really have the time nor the energy to do much on blogger tomorrow. I'll be gone from tomorrow morning until Sunday night - without internet access - so if for any reason you need to contact me, I'll have to get back to you then.

Anyway, Happy (early) Halloween! I wish I had this huge extravagant post for you all, but sadly, I do not. I still couldn't just leave without wishing all of my lovely followers an amazing, safe but fun-filled weekend! What is everybody doing for Halloween?

Me? As I said, I'm taking off for Ohio tomorrow morning, where the majority of my family lives. My cousin is getting married on Saturday, and the reception is pimps & hoes themed. Sounds .. interesting, right? That's my family. I won't be participating in the wardrobe theme, because I'd be super uncomfortable and my family has a lot of .. skeevy friends. *Shiver* But my mother is, and let me tell you .. VOMIT. I'll take pictures and try to post them so you can all share my pain. No daughter should ever have to see her mom dressed like that. Ick. But I know it'll be tons of fun. :)

And if you're going out for Halloween (parties, trick-or-treating, etc) what are you being? Like I said before, I'm not dressing as a hoe for the reception, so no costume for me.

I've always dressed as weird stuff though. One year I was a cell phone, one year I was dinosaur. I've been Jack Skellington twice, and Oogie Boogie once. Last year I was Luigi from the Mario Bros. & my best friend was Mario. I was going to post the humiliating picture of that, but fortunately for me, I can't find it! Score for me!

So instead, here's a creeptastic picture of me. It wasn't Halloween. It was actually Christmas, last year I think. The only thing photoshopped is the brightness & size - which kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. I hope I don't look this freaky on a daily basis. I could be a vampire!

And I also wanted to blog about The Story Siren's new contest. I felt it was appropriate, considering that this is a Halloween post and her contest is based on angels. You could win finished copies of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Fallen by Lauren Kate. To win, you must figure out what clips of book covers-all featuring the word 'angel' in the title- she has posted. Awesome, right? Click here to enter!

That's about it! I'm wrapping this up now since it's probably eating half of my blog with it's length! I won't be posting an IMM this week, since I'll be too zonked on Sunday to do it, but I WILL be posting a Fan Art Friday tomorrow morning before I leave! Now I must go pack! (or begin Hush, Hush- which I know I'll ultimately end up doing =x)


  1. you should totally swing down here saturday night for my bday/halloween party. guh! lol <3

  2. From what I can see, I <3 your outfit!
    My hair is kind of that color(well, mine is a bunch of colors, but in general) but is shorter yet styled the same. :)