Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mini Challenge: 8 Favorite Things.

Still in the groove of Cindy's amazing contests, I'm posting a mini-challenge from her. If won, you get your pick at some amazing ARCS! Exciting! All you have to do is post five or eight of your favorite things. Click here to enter.

Mine are;
1. Books, duh. I'm completely obsessed.
2. My momma. She's my best friend.
3. Danny Jones, Ethan Peck & Robert Pattinson. HELLO HUNKS.
4. Glee.
5. Winter. I love the cold, the snow, the holidays, the hoodies, etc.
6. Popcorn. Especially from a movie theater. No store-bought popcorn tastes as delicious.
7. Friends. Where would I be without them?
8. Twilight. Technically, this is categorized as a book, but I mean the whole Twi-world in general.

ALSO, as you can see- I've drastically changed the layout of my blog. Some of you probably clicked, expecting the plain white, and went WTF. I grow bored of things very easily, and that plain white layout was only put up temporary. I think it's pretty, but that may be just me. If you guys don't like (ugly, hard to read, etc) tell me so I can re-do it!