Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trick-Or-Treat Tour Contest!

Sunshine Edition is hosting my very first contest! As a part of her Trick-Or-Treat Blog Tour, I'm giving away three Fear Street books by R.L Stine. For those of you youngins who don't know what Fear Street is (no, it's not Goosebumps) it's a YA series of spooky books all written by the master of spooky himself.

Goodnight Kiss; Matt and his girlfriend, April, are plunged into a horrifying world of endless night when they encounter the vampires of Sandy Hollow. April is lured away from Matt when a vampire controls her -- hypnotizes her with his strange, intoxicating kisses. Now Matt must save April, before she gets her final goodnight kiss

The Second Horror; Enjoying the attentions of three beautiful neighbors, Brandt McCloy is unaware that his new house has a grisly past and that the ghost of Cally Frasier intends to destroy Brandt and everyone close to him.

The Secret Bedroom; A mysterious spirit is lurking above Lea's bedroom waiting to escape and seek vengence onthe past. Can Lea stop this and prevent evil from spreading through the community of Shadyside?

To enter, click here.
And I'm still planning my 50 followers contest, so be patient with me while I try to get that up!


  1. I doubt anyone wants to read these. I know because I have a collection of these.

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