Monday, November 9, 2009

Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson

Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson.
Publisher: HarperTeen.
Pages: 336.
Sometimes you have to get lost.

The Girl: Clio, seventeen, wants to spend the summer smooching her art-store crush, not stuck on a boat in the Mediterranean. At least she'll get a killer tan.

The Mission: Survive her father's annoying antics. Oh, also find some underwater treasure that could be the missing link to a long-lost civilization.

The Crew: Dad's absentminded best friend Martin, his scary girlfriend Julia, her voluptuous daughter Elsa . . . and then there's Aidan, Julia's incredibly attractive, incredibly arrogant research assistant.

What's going on behind Aidan's intellectual, intensely green eyes, anyway?

As Clio sails into uncharted territory she unveils secrets that have the power to change history. But her most surprising discovery is that there's something deeper and more mysterious than the sea—her own heart.

I was surprised at just how much I ended up liking Girl At Sea. Judging by the cover and summary, I was expecting a giggly-story about a stubborn girl who is forced to spend her summer at sea and falls in love in the process. Which kind of happens, but there’s surprisingly a lot more to it than that.

The boat and crew actually have a mission- one that is mysterious and kept me turning the pages. Every few chapters, we catch random peeks of the history of the mission (which I’m trying hard not to write about so I won’t spoil it) and the story behind it. I think if not for these, my opinion of the book probably wouldn’t have been so great. But Maureen wrote it so that this story wasn’t strictly based on Clio, her unrequited crush and the drama of her life on the Sea Butterfly.

If I had to pick one thing I really disliked about the story, it’d be the characters. The three main young ones, to be specific. Clio, the story’s star, wasn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed her and her no-bullshit attitude. But the relationships between her and Elsa, her father’s new girlfriend’s daughter (Whoa, confusing!) and her and Aidan, the alluring assistant of Elsa’s mother, were sort of sketchy to me.

Overall, I enjoyed this. It’s perfect if you’re in the mood for a light, fun, fluffy read with a lot of adventure!


  1. I really like Maureen Johnson's books. I read this one a really long time ago - but you've made me want to pick it back up and reread!

  2. I need to start reading this book. It's in my To Be Read novel, but I need to finish reading Devilish first.

    I'm glad that I'll enjoy this one. Maureen Johnson's books are interesting, but they do seem a little formulaic most of the time. Her writing redeems it though.

  3. I definitely have to reread this one, because I do not remember my thoughts on it! But a great review, and you did make me remember some things. :)