Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Movie Review/Experience


After trying and failing to get last minute tickets for my brother and his girlfriend, I discovered that my theater, which was showing New Moon on every single screen in the building (that’s 21 HUGE screens, people) was completely sold out of every single ticket. Since I’m terribly paranoid, my mother and I drove over around 6 to get good seats. We ended up being the first people there. Kind of embarrassing, but totally worth it. We sat around, made some friends, played Yahtzee and Uno, and around 8:30 they opened the doors to let us sit, which made me really happy. So instead of sitting out in the crammed hallway floor for hours upon hours, they let us take our comfy seats.

The theater was crazy. There was a riot in the lobby that the police had to break up after a theater which had already seated every seat was told to move to a different one- meaning everybody that had came early for good seats basically lost theirs to last minute arrivals. Complete chaos. But anyway, on to the actual movie ..

I loved it. Plain and simple. It was so true to the book that I was completely amazed. I can’t remember (though I’m sure there’s a few) any scenes from the movie that weren’t included in the book. And if they changed or added something, it was so insignificant but so awesome. Example- correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Victoria being the cause for Harry Clearwater’s death as it is in the movie. But like I said- so small but so workable into the movie series that it blew me away.

The actors were so much better this time around. Bella wasn’t so blinky and fumbling and ridiculous, and Edward wasn’t so stiff and awkward. I especially loved the Quilete boys. Though their parts were small, they were a very great addition to the cast.

One thing in particular that I loved- Bella’s failed yet continuous emails to Alice. If the movie would’ve went on without them, it would’ve taken too much away from Bella/Edward’s story. Don’t get me wrong- I know this is primarily a Jacob tale, but Alice was an important part of Bella’s life and I appreciated that they included that when Stephenie didn’t.

And the ending. OH MY GOD. Perfect place to stop it. Though the mixing-up of the scenes kind of gives me a headache (Edward doesn’t suggest marriage until Bella is begging him for sex in Eclipse) the final scene had every single person on their feet and gasping. If that doesn’t make you want to crawl for the next movie, I don’t know what will.

Overall, I thought it was pretty amazing. It flowed wonderfully, wasn't too fast nor too slow, kept the essence of the first film but completely transformed into something better. Catherine Hardwicke tried entirely too hard to make Twilight into some unique, indie project when it shouldn’t have been construed that way at all. Chris Weitz and the cast did a beautiful job on this one and I’m hoping they bring Weitz back for the fourth. Bravo, bravo! (By the way, I’ve read some of those critic’s reviews. And if you plan on skipping New Moon because of them- you’re missing out. I was a bit nervous after reading those, but they’re completely false. The movie was awesome. End of story.)

And as we're walking out of the theater, we were treated to a little Eclipse teaser action all over the walls. It was pretty exciting, so in case you haven't seen it yet, here it is-



  1. Great review! I agree with everything you said. I was a little worried about how they would capture Bella devastation on film but the e-mails to Alice were genius.
    I actually told my husband last night that I hope they bring Weitz back to do Breaking Dawn!
    I honestly think the movie was prefect. I couldn't ask for a better adaptation.

  2. I saw it last night too! A M A Z I N G. You said eveything I was thinking. I can't wait to see it again Sunday. ; )

  3. Great review! I'm in total agreement with you, too. We saw it last night at midnight (sat in line for two hours so we could get good seats). I also really loved the Quilete boys - they were great!

  4. was it not awesome! i mean wow. i was blown away.

  5. I love your review...everything you said is exactly how I feel : D Oh, the critics are retards because this was a great movie, if you read the book which they probably haven't, it is even more amazing!

  6. Great review! I am dying to see this and no one will come with me. I need new Twilight obsessed friends :)

  7. It was pretty obvious that they had a much bigger budget for New Moon than the original Twilight, which made a big difference in a lot of the action / special effects scenes

  8. Saw this movie like a couple of weeks back and I thoroughly enjoyed it though some of my commenters didn't. Glad to find another one who enjoyed it as much as I did!!