Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dream Girl by Lauren Mechling

Dream Girl by Lauren Mechling.
Publisher: Delacorte Books For Young Readers.
Pages: 256.
CLAIRE VOYANTE has been having strange visions ever since she can remember. But the similarity between her name and her talents is purely coincidental. The name is French, and unlike the psychics on TV, she can’t solve crimes or talk to the dead. Whenever Claire follows her hunches, she comes up empty—or ends up in pretty awkward situations.

But that all changes on Claire’s 15th birthday, when her grandmother, Kiki—former socialite, fashion icon, and permanent fixture at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel—gives her something a little more extraordinary than one of her old cocktail dresses: a strange black-and-white onyx cameo on a gold chain. It’s not long before Claire’s world becomes a whole lot clearer. And a whole lot more dangerous.

Dream Girl mixes the eerie dream-filled suspense of Wake with the clue cracking mystery of Nancy Drew, and in result, brings you a totally new adventure that will have you flipping page after page.

I’ve heard a lot of so-so things about this one, but I’m one of the people who actually really enjoyed it. Claire, the main character and narrator, is probably one of the most amusing and likeable characters I’ve ever read about. She’s quirky, snarky, and sarcastic but Mechling writes her so incredibly endearing that she has been put on my favorite list of female heroines.

Despite how much I enjoyed it, the story didn’t seem to begin to take off until the very end. A good chunk of the story is spent exploring Claire’s whacky life, the people in it, and the strange cameo necklace that her eccentric grandmother, Kiki, gave her for her birthday. When she begins to have the weird black and white dreams, and she starts to put the clues together, it all feels kind of rushed. I’d say that was about the only thing that irked me.

Dream Girl is humorous, suspenseful and definitely worth the read. If you haven’t checked it out, I definitely recommend it!


  1. sounds like a fun book...great review!

  2. I do indeed like the sound of a quirky main character.

  3. I hated this cover, and didn't want to read it because of it's magical barbie princess vibe. But your review really made me take a second look, thanks! ;)

  4. Nice review this sounds so good. I'm really glad it's in my TBR pile :)

  5. Doesn't sound to bad. The cover is like sugar ad spice and everything nice

  6. Yeah Claire life is kind of crazy. I'm reading it now.