Friday, March 19, 2010

Fan Art Friday (29)

This week's fan art is based on The Clearing by Heather Davis. I finished this book sometime last week and I LOVED it. It's definitely a romantic and heartbreaking novel that you all are going to have to check out. (And expect my review sometime next week!) I'm not too fond of this piece. I hate the stocks I used. I couldn't find any good ones; no 1940's teenager, no REGULAR girl dressed in a REGULAR coat with her back facing the camera. And my mom said that the frosty grass looks like water, so blah. But I did what I could, and literally JUST finished it five minutes ago. So without further ado ..

See? Not the greatest. But it's not horrible, and I didn't have time to do another one, so it's being posted anyway.

As always, if you have fan art that you'd like featured, shoot me an email at

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've never heard of this book, will have to look it up. The cover is beautiful :)

  2. Never heard of this book, either. I think it's a beautiful cover - except the boy maybe looks a bit too cheerful. :-P

  3. I actually have heard of it. And I need it. This is really good btw.

  4. I got the grass. I actually thought the color and concept of this was great, except maybe it was a bit too 'noisy' so to speak. But it made me want to read the book, so good job there!

    Where do you get your stock, if I may ask?


  5. Wow, Katie -- I don't normally comment on review sites, but yours popped into my Google alert and it's the first ever fan art I've had for one of my books. So, yay!

    Thanks so much for doing this for The Clearing. I'm so glad you liked the book, and I think this fan art is terrific.



  6. I like it (:
    I actually like the girl stock, though I agree with Brizmus about the boy (:
    But other then that, it's really good (:

  7. I think you did a great job. See, fans should be doing the covers!

  8. I just read the book, and I really like this fan art! Awesome :)