Thursday, July 29, 2010


Everybody has them. I have many, and as unhealthy as they are, I'm too weak to give them up. CSN Stores, being full of awesome, is once again letting me review an item from their 200+ stores. This can be considered a good thing and a bad thing. Good for me, bad for my health. One of my addictions is popcorn. And not just any popcorn - kettle popped popcorn, to be specific. When I hit the lottery, I always promised myself I'd get an air popper, just like the movie theaters. But thanks to CSN, I'm indulging myself in a tinier but equally awesome machine.

Just looking at it makes me salivate. I can already tell that I'll be making frequent trips to the grocery store for bags of kernels to pop.

But if you have an unhealthy yet delicious addiction, chances are that CSN has an affordable product for you. Ice cream lovers can get an ice cream maker, cotton candy lovers can buy a cotton candy maker and coffee addicts can feed their thirst with an awesome coffee maker. Those are just to name a few.

Thanks again for the awesome opportunity, CSN!