Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review!

Awhile ago, I was lucky enough to be contacted by CSN Stores to review anything I wanted. I chose this hunk of awesomeness that is now hanging in the corner of my bedroom. -->

I was bit nervous upon opening the box. The planks were all separated and a first glance at the instructions made me feel like I was reading a foreign language. BUT, when I actually sat down and began assembling, it was so easy.

I'm not exactly Bob The Builder over here. So if I could put this thing together, anybody can.

It took about ten to fifteen minutes at the most to get it together. It's surprisingly larger than I thought it'd be. (No complaints here! I had a ton of books that needed shelter) But getting it on the wall was the tricky part. At that point, I surrendered the shelf to my mom, who had to measure and drill and hammer things. But she assured me that it wasn't that much strain on her part to get it up.

So, after getting it on the wall and stocking it full of the books that were littering my floor, I was done!


The 4D hanging bookshelf is very easy to assemble, very sturdy and very cool looking. Though getting it on the wall was a bit of hard work, it was well worth it! The instructions are easy to follow with clearly labeled parts and assembling it was a piece of cake! I'm absolutely in love with this bookshelf and if you're thinking of getting one, look into this! It's a STEAL at $35!

Check out the book shelf here or check out the 200+ other CSN store sites here!

Thank you so much, CSN!


  1. It looks great! I got one like it for my last CSN review and I loved mine also. Hubby put mine together and said it was easy. It looks great with all your books on it!

  2. Wow...that's pretty nifty! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. That is pretty cool! I have so many books though that I tend to stay with the 5 shelf ones I can get at target and put together for about the same price as this shelf.