Friday, July 23, 2010

Fan Art Friday (46)

This week's fan art is based on Wake by Lisa McMann. And for the first time for a LONG time, this week's fan art was NOT brought to you by me. Instead, the lovely Kapri at Book Fanatics submitted this awesome piece. And I cannot thank her enough. She picked the perfect week; I was so insanely busy that I doubt I would've had time to make a poster even if I had to! Onto the art ..

Thank you for the awesomesauce fan art, Kapri! Don't foprget to leave her some love in the comments!

And ATTENTION ALL AWESOME BOOK PEOPLE: If you make YA fan art, please follow in Kapri's footsteps and submit, submit, submit! I started this feature to showcase not only my art, but others as well. If you're making them, or know somebody who makes them, send them my way! I'm more than thrilled to post more than my own work!

And if you do have fan art you'd like to submit, just shoot me an email at

Have an awesome weekend, guys!


  1. Love love love that series! And I agree- the kissing couple is cute :)