Monday, September 6, 2010

Movies That Should Be Books (2)

I'm back with a few more movies that I would've loved to read in book form! And to avoid confusion, I'm not talking about books that should be movies, I'm picking out awesometastic movies that have the potential to be awesometastic novels.

Penelope (2006)
Penelope is about a girl who was born with a pig snout for a nose due to an old curse upon her wealthy family. In order to get rid of said curse, she needs to marry a "blueblood" - somebody of nobility; wealthy and important like her family. After enduring many men screaming and running out of the building at the sight of her, she meets Max, who isn't terrified and who seems to be just as interested in her as she is in him. But he won't marry her. Discouraged and frustrated, Penelope runs away to discover the world she was hidden from as a baby.
Why it would make a great novel: Are you not hooked after reading that? I know that a novelization of the screenplay was written before the movie released, but I've read it and let's just say it was .. half-assed. If this had come from the imagination of an author, words could make this movie into one of the best novels ever. I have no doubt about that at all. (But seriously, if you haven't already, go rent the movie. James McAvoy. Need I say more?)

Driving Lessons (2006)
Driving Lessons is about a seventeen-year-old boy, Ben, who begins working for an eccentric, alcoholic has-been actress, Evie Walton, for the summer. Dealing with her and his church-obsessed domineering mother is hard at first, but as the days go by, Ben finds that he's actually finding a best friend in Evie.
Why it would make a great novel: It's one of those wacky British movies that can be emotional and hilarious at the same time. I don't think I've ever really read a book like that yet, but I have hope that this one would be a first. Ben is very shy and living in a bubble at the beginning, but towards the end his independence from his mother is very apparent. If they can do that with scenes, imagine how the transition would be with words.

The Quiet (2005)
The Quiet is about a deaf and mute teenage girl, Dot, who goes to live with her godparents and their teenage daughter, Nina, after her father dies. While there, Dot learns that Nina, who used to be her best friend as a child, is now cold and insulting and seems to hate Dot's appearance in the house. She also learns a horrifying secret that the family is keeping.
Why it would make a great novel: Oh geeze, I can just picture myself, sitting in my bed and reading this and gasping. These characters are so raw and so messed up, but they help tell an amazing story. Well .. not amazing, it's kind of demented, but it's amazing to see. I know it'd be amazing to read as well. (And if you're planning on checking this one out, keep in mind that it's rated R. Lots of cuss words, sexual content, drug use .. the whole shabang. No innocent eyes!)

If you've got any suggestions on movies you'd like to see as novels, or you just have something to say about the ones I've posted, comment away!


  1. I'm pretty sure PENELOPE is based on a book... :))

  2. Really?! I thought it was just a book that was written from the screenplay - I read it and it was NOT good. I'm talking about this coming straight from an AUTHOR'S head, you know? Not adapted from a movie. :)

  3. I wrote a post on why Inception would be a good novel ( Glad to know I'm not the only one who watches a movie and thinks "I wish this had been a book first!"

  4. I love Penelope I think it would have been a great novel watching it reminded me of all the fairy tale books I used to read as a kid. Thanks for the post I'll have to check out the Quiet haven't heard of it but it sounds like my kind of movie.

  5. I watched Penelope LAST NIGHT!! Loved it!!!

  6. PENELOPE is or was made into a book. I read it. It's a bit different from the movie but it's still good.

  7. Alice, I wrote in the post that I read it! :) I didn't like it all, I felt it was kind of .. rushed. I would've loved to read it from a legit YA author without it being adapted from a film.

  8. Ohh good choices. And I might be alone in this, but I kind of think Save the Last Dance would make a good book. It's got such a good mix of fun and rough... not to mention, the intensity of everything could really be kicked up with the written word, when you add in the racism, and the guilt issues, etc. I'm also probably biased though, because I love that movie.... =0)

  9. Never heard of the quiet

    totally agree about James McAvoy in that movie. love to watch it because it sorta based on fairy tales.

  10. The Quiet was such a creepy movie. I think it would make a good book. :)