Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halo Fan Art Contest update: Character descriptions

You only have eight more days to submit entries, but I don't have nearly enough to start voting yet. I realize that a lot of you haven't read the book yet, and you don't know what the characters look like so you can't really do much. But you do not have to read the book to enter. I'm going to list the physical descriptions of the characters and leave the rest up to you! Take what you can and draw a scene you'd like to see in the book, draw your own interpretation of the character, go crazy!

These are non-spoiler descriptions that came directly from the book. I tried my best to jot down what I thought you'd all need to know, and I only stuck to the main characters. But if you need anything else beyond this, let me know!

  • Beth: Angel with white wings. Pale white skin. Looks around 17 years old. Small and fine boned. Chocolate brown hair that falls in loose waves down her back. Brown eyes.
  • Gabriel: Angel with white wings. Beth's older brother. Looks in his early twenties. Described as unearthly beautiful. Muscled liked a statue. Shoulder length straight hair that is the color of sand. Usually wears it back in a ponytail. Rain gray eyes. Strong brow and arrow straight nose.
  • Ivy: Angel with white wings. Beth's older sister. Also unearthly beautiful and looks in her early twenties. Pale skin, oval shaped face. Straight white blonde hair with rain gray eyes. A gold snake tattooed around her wrist.
  • Xavier: Human. Falls in love with Beth and vice versa. 17 years old. Slightly muscular. Straight, shaggy light brown hair the color of walnuts that falls into his eyes. Lightly tanned skin. Almond shaped eyes that are striking turquoise blue.

I hope this inspires you to send in some entries! I need more or else I don't think we'll be able to start voting, so get out your pencils and paint brushes and create! And if you're new to the blog and you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can click here for more details!