Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halo Fan Art Contest VOTING!

Sorry this has taken so long! I'm a few days off schedule because I ran into some complications, but I apologize! Unfortunately, the contest didn't receive as much attention as we had hoped; a lot of people prefer to do photoshopped art, I'm assuming, but we still have some gorgeous art for you to vote on!

  • Comment on this post with the number of the entry you're voting for.
  • You may only vote once for your favorite. Anonymous comments will be counted, because I know some entrants and readers don't have blogger accounts. But keep in mind that if you are thinking about ignoring the rules and voting more than once, I have ways of finding that out. So please don't waste any of our time.
  • Please refrain from being rude or disrespectful. These artists worked very hard on their entries and mean comments will be deleted immediately.
  • You can only vote for one entry. Comments that list more than one will be deleted.
  • Voting will end on Tuesday, November 2nd. The two entries with the most votes will win finished copies of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto.
Any questions/comments/concerns can be emailed to me at Now, it's time to vote!

Entries: (Please click on the images to view the full sizes before you make your decision.)

#1 - Beth.

#2 - Beth.

#3 - Beth & Xavier.

#4 - Beth, Gabriel & Ivy.

#5 - Beth.

#6 - Ivy.

Gorgeous, right? Thank you to all of the entrants for sending in your amazing drawings! But now it's time for the voters to work their magic. So what are you waiting for? Comment! Vote! Spread the word! Go!