Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

*throws orange and black confetti*

If I were a few feet shorter, I would put a mask on and totally trick-or-treat. But since I'm cursed with tallness and being twenty years old, unfortunately, I cannot. But I worked out a deal with my four-year-old cousin; I take her trick-or-treating and she gives me a quarter of the loot. Afterward I plan on coming home, eating said candy, watching the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC (which will give me nightmares, no doubt) and finally watching one of the 24 hour showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that started playing on FMC since 6 AM. I haven't seen the movie yet, so this is pretty much a big deal.

It should be a fun night. No wild parties for me, but I prefer the trick-or-treating and scary television anyway.

What are you guys doing to celebrate tonight?

Whatever you're doing, be safe and have fun!

(P.S - October has been the month of disappointing posting, meaning I haven't really done much. This is due to my diminishing TBR pile and the crazy business that has been this month. But I promise November will be much more eventful!)


  1. I'll be passing out candy and watching Hocus Pocus with my sister. I hope you have fun tonight!

  2. I'll be watching Halloween movies, handing out candy and damning wild parties to hell. Have fun, Katie! ^o^

  3. I'll be trick-or-treating with my little brother and watching Beetlejuice :)

    Have fun! And I love your Happy Halloween picture.

  4. I'll be giving out candy for about 2 hours and then going with my sister to trick-or-treat.
    And then come home and eat all the candy.

  5. WALKING DEAD!! It's really good!! And I watched Rocky Horror this morning. Pretty weird, I kinda like it.

  6. So great!! Hope you had fun!
    I saw the Dracula movie by Francis Ford Coppola! But no candy :( haha

  7. We're went to the parade in West Hollywood - it is always a blast and the costumes are crazy! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  8. Hope you had/are having an awesome Halloween!

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