Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 6: Scariest Movies!

Another week, a new top six! This time, I'm showcasing the top six movies that, to this day, scare the bejeezus out of me. My list is probably pretty tame; I'm somewhat of a pansy, so I frighten easily. But you know the drill! Comment and chime in with movies that scare you!

6. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
There are two things that scare me more than anything else in the world: spiders and zombies. It wasn't that bad when they were all slow and moaning, but in this remake, they're fast and snarling and completely terrifying to me. I couldn't sleep for weeks after seeing this, especially the end credits.
5. Fright Night (1985)
Vampires ... but not the sparkly, loving kind. I saw this as a kid and begged my cousins to turn it off. But as I got older, even though it still scares the shit out of me, I absolutely love it. It's actually pretty hilarious along with being scary.
4. Dead Silence (2007)
I'm not sure why this movie gives me the creeps. It's actually really, really stupid. But for some reason, it severely terrified me. Maybe it's the ventriloquist dummies that never leave you alone, or the horrifying corpse-looking woman who collects tongues and licks you with it before she kills you. I don't know, but either way, it earns a spot on my list. It's just one of those mysteries. Some people are afraid of clowns, I'm afraid of bad horror.
3. The Strangers (2008)
There are absolutely no vampires or zombies in this movie, but I still get insanely terrified. This is the movie that sparked my OCD of needing to have all the windows and doors locked at night. Even after seeing it in theaters, I was so terrified to get out of the car and walk back into my house.
2. Paranormal Activity (2007)
A lot of people are probably scoffing and rolling their eyes right now. If so, shut up. Paranormal Activity is a terrifying movie if you're in the right mindset for it. If you don't believe in ghosts or hauntings or anything like that, this will be the stupidest movie you've ever seen. But for somebody who does believe in it, like me, it was a non-stop scream fest that has left me scarred. To this day, I can't sleep without my television on. *shivers*
1. Drag Me To Hell (2009)
This is another one that people find stupid. But I thought it was brilliant. Terrifying, jumpy, weird and gross and hilarious. It's perfect proof that you don't need a masked killer or tons of gore or nudity to make a truly scary movie. This is PG-13 and I, who was nineteen at the time, was shaking like a baby. Honestly, while I watched the movie between my fingers, I was thinking of excuses to leave the theater. That is why it holds the number one spot for scariest movies.
Those are my top six, for this year at least ... let's see what kind of horror Hollywood conjures up for 2011.

Now it's your turn! Comment on my choices or leave your own! Let me know what movies scarred you for life!


  1. Scariest hands down was Wes Craven's THEY. I haven't slept without a night light since I saw it. And it's been YEARS.

  2. I love horror movies, but rarely ever get scared. They're just fun to watch. I've been watching them since I was 4. I even wanted and still want a Chuckie doll. I saw Drag Me To Hell a few weeks ago and I didn't find it scary at all. It had some really gross parts and it made me laugh a lot. I loved how the ending wasn't all happy and generic. It was pretty awesome.

  3. I LOVEEE horror movies. Great choices!

  4. I think for me the creepiest movie I've ever seen was Jeepers Creepers.

  5. love love love horror movies (much to my BF's dismay...he's just not interested). I haven't seen Fright Night or Dead Silence...but dude, dolls freak me out.

    Now I have another two movies to add to my list for halloween :)


    -geekgirl xoxo

  6. I love horrors, thanks for the recommendations. Since having my daughter I haven't watched any, don't want her to wake up to a horror :-0 but I just bought all the Saw's this week, I have the weekend to myself and want to catch up, I loved 1 and 2. I may just rent one of these ones also.

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