Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fall Into Fantasy: Downloadable Wallpapers!

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you all ready to stuff yourself full of food? I sure am! Anyway, I was asked to participate in The Bookish Type's Fall Into Fantasy event, which basically showcases some of the fall's biggest and greatest YA releases! Quite awesomely, my day for the event fell on Thanksgiving. So my little Turkey day gift to you all is some downloadable wallpapers based on a few of the featured books made by yours truly!

I only had the resources to make them as big as 1024x768, which is pretty standard for monitor dimensions. So I apologize if you've got a larger one!

*Click your size to download the wallpapers.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan:

1024x768 // 800x600 ---------------------------- 1024x768 // 800x600

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers:

1024x768 // 800x600 ---------------------------- 1024x768 // 800x600

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer:

1024x768 // 800x600 ---------------------------- 1024x768 // 800x600

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White:

1024x768 // 800x600

Fall Into Fantasy: (featuring all FIF books including Shadow Hills, which was added on as an accident)

1024x768 // 800x600

As you can see, they're based on my fan art. Once again, I didn't have the appropriate resources to do wallpapers out of the official covers, but I think these are pretty darn cool.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving! Go eat turkey and listen to Christmas music and have fun! :)


  1. These are SO AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much, Katie!!

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