Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HALO Fan Art Contest Winners!

First of all, again, I want to thank every single one of the participants. Without you, the contest would not have been possible, so I appreciate it so much that you took the time to draw something. Alas, there can only be two winners. I wish I had books to give to all of you because you all deserve prizes!

Moving on, I was really disappointed by the lack of respect of my rules for voting. Despite specifically stating that I would know and catch you if you voted more than once, there was still a significant amount of cheating happening. But after the multiple votes were discounted and deleted, the votes were very close!

But as I said, only two can come out on top, so without further ado, the winners ...

First Place:
#3 - Beth and Xavier, drawn by Desiree!

#6 - Ivy, drawn by Lindsey!

Congrats, Desiree and Lindsey! You two will be receiving finished copies of Halo by Alexandra Adornetto! I will be sending you emails within the next few minutes, so please check your inbox!

Once again, thank you to the entrants! You're all crazy talented and gorgeous artists! And thank you to the voters who commented and followed the rules; you're awesome!

There will be more super cool giveaways on Sophistikatied soon, so keep a watch out for those!


  1. Thank you Katie! I will most definitely be keeping tabs on your blog. So glad i found it!

    Thank you everyone who voted for me!

    and congrats, Lindsey, on winning as well!

  2. so glad you won, you deserve it!!

  3. Hey Dezy Lou,
    Aunt Pat is sitting here with me and told me all about this contest that you won.. and can I just say HOLY BUCKETS!!!! Your picture is AWESOME, I'm so proud of you! and now she is telling me what to capitalize in this writing,...LOL

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