Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nominated for Best Blog 2010!

There I was, just web-surfing on Natalie's blog to check out the awesome blogs that were nominated for best blog and best new blog of 2010, when I scroll down the page and happen to see Sophistikatied Reviews among the list. I kind of squealed. And maybe did a mental jig of happiness. I don't consider myself best of anything. Actually, it's kind of the opposite. I'm convinced that I'm a lame blogger and that I'm doing everything wrong, to be honest, so to see that somebody actually remembered my blog and liked it enough to nominate it, well ... that is an epic win.

I'm not expecting to win or even be in the top ten because there are some seriously kick-ass blogs in the running, but I'm honored just to be nominated! You can click here to vote for your favorite!

But those aren't the only categories you can vote in! Natalie is also giving you a chance to vote for best new cover, best YA and adult series, best book of 2010 and best characters of 2010! So cool, right? Check out her fantastic blog and get to voting!

And thanks to whoever nominated me! I would totally give you some of my Christmas cookies to show my appreciation. Maybe not a lot of them because, well, these cookies are delicious and I can't let too many of them go, but you get the point. ;)