Sunday, January 16, 2011


Blog readers, I would like to introduce you to my baby. My new bundle of joy. The reason I've been neglecting my book blog these past two weeks.

Fooled you! No, I didn't give birth, but I've put so much into this site that it has become my internet baby. *hugs website*

Are you a new author in need of bookmark/postcard designs? Are you a blogger attending BEA in May and in need of some business cards? Is your blog ugly and you want to give it a pretty header? Check out KD Designs! (Okay, I'm done being commercial and cheesy, I promise) You've seen my posters and book covers, but on my new site, I'm designing everything from blog headers to wedding announcements.

The site just launched yesterday, and I definitely wasn't expecting overnight success, but any help I can get would be very appreciated; post about it on Twitter, or Facebook, or your blog! Post my button to your sidebar! Help me get the word out about KD Designs any way that you can and I will be forever grateful!

And since the site is done, this means Sophistikatied will hop into the front seat of my brain again! Expect a normal post week with reviews and fan art and the works!

Thank you x57897947867 in advance if you happen to check out my site! And *hugs and squeezes tightly* if you actually hire me for some design work. My main goal right now is getting myself to BEA in May, so you'll be contributing to a very good cause. ;)


  1. I was totally checking your new baby out a few hours ago Katie! I love your fanart friday posts and now that you're doing design I may have to start saving my pennies so I can hire ya to give my blog a makeover. I'll try and remember to post about the new design site sometime next week.

    Good luck with the new baby. ;)