Friday, February 11, 2011

Bookshelf Tour

Unfortunately, there won't be a Fan Art Friday today. I've been so hard at work all week at designs for my clients on my graphic site that I kind of just needed a break. But since I didn't have anything planned to take its place, I decided on a spontaneous bookshelf tour!

Just a word of caution: I sound like a raging fruitcake in this. (Well, okay, maybe I sound like a raging fruitcake all the time) I also use the words "think" and "actually" way too much for my own good. You've been warned.

As said in the video, hopefully I'll be back next week with an actual piece of fan art! And if you have any questions/concerns about anything in the video (though I'm not sure what you'd be concerned about. The ridiculous amount of toys & stuffed animals I have at twenty-one years of age, perhaps?) just leave me a comment!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Katie, you have so many books! No, you do not sound like a raging fruitcake :) I love that shelf from CSN - I might have to buy one lol

    That Bookish Girl

  2. OMG! I have that pikachu!

    Love the bookshelf tour!

  3. I love to take a peak at other people's bookshelves :D And your voice is awesome, Katie, it has such a nice sound to it. If you'll ever read an audiobook, I'd buy it! :D