Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katniss has been cast!

According to, Jennifer Lawrence, Academy Award nominee for her role in Winter's Bone, has officially landed the role of Katniss Everdeen for the upcoming Hunger Games movie.

I'll admit, when she first popped her blond little head into this casting confusion, I was disappointed. I knew she was an Academy Award nominee, so obviously she can act. But my heart was so set on Hailee Steinfeld that I refused to acknowledge any other actress. And yes, I do think Hailee is the better choice. She's younger (let's be honest - Jennifer does not pass for sixteen) and she's got the acting chops like Lawrence, and she wouldn't have to undergo too much of a Katniss makeover.

That's to say if they plan on Katniss-fying Lawrence. For the Percy Jackson movie, they left Alexandra Daddario a brunette when Annabeth is blond. And of course, let's not forget the diastrous "periwinkle vs. pink" dress dilemma from Harry Potter. People flip out about stuff like that. To them, these tiny things matter. And if they plan on keeping Jennifer blue-eyed, blonde and pale skinned, they might as well paint the picket signs for the eventual riot themselves.

But as much as I'd prefer Steinfeld, I won't judge Jennifer Lawrence before I see the movie. I was absolutely aghast when Robert Pattinson had been cast as Edward, but look at me now! I'm a Robert Pattinson fangirl to the core.

The sunny side in all of this is that now that they've cast an older actress, Hunter Parrish (my favorite) has a better possibility of being cast as Peeta. And if they give Hunter the role, I will rejoice and sing and be merry. But if they cast Alex Pettyfer, I will have to go around punching some Lionsgate faces in. WHO IS WITH ME?

What do you think? Do you have faith that Lawrence will appropriately portray our beloved Katniss? Or do you think Lionsgate has made a horrible decision? Comment and share your opinion!


  1. She wasn't my first choice but I think she will do great! I think they will definitely dye her hair and rough her up! And once you get rid of all that makeup I bet she looks a lot younger!

    I wasnt too sure about Hunter as Peeta but he's growing on me! And NO ALEX PETTYFER!!!!

  2. I was also all for Hailee Steinfeld being cast as Katniss. She was perfect for the role and would not require too much of a makeover. Now we'll just have to see if Jennifer dyes her hair and maybe have colored contacts. I think Jennifer will do a good job portraying Katniss.

    Josh Hutcherson is also in the running for the role of Peeta. Personally I think he would make a better Gale. As for Peeta they should cast Hunter Parrish. The fans obviously really want Hunter as Peeta and I feel its the least Hollywood can do to cast him and listen to the fans.

    Regardless of who is playing in the movie I will be going to the theater and watching The Hunger Games.

  3. I hope they can transform her to look more like Katniss. Obviously I would have preferred someone who they didn't have to transform but I guess that's Hollywood for you. Ooh, and I'm excited to see who they pick for Peeta!

  4. We haven't seen Jennifer with brown hair yet, and I honestly think much of the apprehension about her from HG fans is based on the fact that we've only seen her blonde. I'm willing to withhold judgement until we see her all Katnissed-up (also, she's not an Oscar winner. She was nominated, but Natalie Portman won the Oscar). I agree with you--I'd be happy with Hunter Parish, but if they cast Pettyfer, I'll be right there with you picketing at Lionsgate!

  5. I also wanted Hailee Steinfeld, but I know that this actress was supposed to be really good in the movie she was in. So hopefully they can make her look like Katniss is supposed to look. I'm not sure about the person you suggested for Peeta, but I don't see Alex Pettyfer as Petta either. And I totally agree with you, The Lightning Thief was ruined in so many ways, that was just one of the things I hated about it. And I so loved that series! The funny thing is all the students I'd read that book with in class also hated the movie. The ones who hadn't read it, loved the movie.

  6. I was not for Jennifer Lawrence at all. I agree, Hailee Steinfeld all the way (gosh, I'm in love with Hailee). I had hope for the movie, but I'm kind of unsure now that Jennifer has been cast. But I'll have to wait and see, she might surprise us as Katniss. I'm disappointed, yes, but I think it's just a matter of waiting.
    Alex Pettyfer looks like Peeta to me, okay just a bit, but he's not my ideal Peeta. I really hope this movie doesn't go down the drain like so much other book-into-movies out there.

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