Monday, April 4, 2011

Attending BEA? Want some money saving awesomeness?

The title of this post is pretty accurate. If you haven't already gotten the heads up from the super awesome Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit, LivingSocial is giving you a daily deal that will save those of you attending BEA a bit of money! (Well ... those of you who are planning on buying business cards, that is. But not bringing business cards for your blog would be kind of pointless ...)

All you have to do is pay $10 and you get a $50 gift certificate to spend on anything at Vistaprint! This deal is super amazing because it usually cost about $15-25 to buy 250 business cards anyway. So now you can get more, get them glossy, get foil accents. Or you could even get pens or sticky pads or t-shirts or totes!

Click to check out the deal of awesomeness.

This will only last for a little while longer so if I were you, I'd jump on it!

(And if you're wanting a personalized design, why don't you check out my design site? I do business cards for cheap!


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