Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contest Update: Extension!

The Tyger Tyger fan art contest hasn't gotten very many entries, so we're extending the deadline. You now have until May 18th to submit entries!

The prize pack is pretty awesome - Amazon giftcard, finished copy of the book, ARC of the sequel and more! Click here read the guidelines/information abotu the contest.

I'll try to get some physical descriptions of the characters posted soon so that those of you who haven't read the book can still enter as well!


  1. I totally forgot about this! I just need to know how to scan pictures on the computer. Hm hm, I'm going to enter

  2. Also, do you have a character description Of Teagon, Abby and Finn?

  3. Here are a couple of descriptions:

    Finn Mac Cumhaill is the descendant of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, of Irish legend. Finn is an Irish Traveller who grew up on the streets of America. Here is his description: "Finn. It wasn't a question. She knew he was somewhere close. Close enough to make her shiver. He wasn't on the library steps, or the street. She turned to the bushes under the windows and saw him sitting very still in the shadows there. He was wearing jeans, lace-up boots, a T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and a blue bandanna tied pirate-style. A celtic tatoo curled around his biceps. He hadn't had that before. Or the scar along his jaw."

    Teagan Wylltson is Finn's adopted cousin: "Finn tipped his head and nodded. 'Mamieo told me once that Aunt Aileen was the prettiest child she'd ever seen. But she hasn't seen you, has she?...I'm glad you're not my blood cousin, Teagan Wylltson.'" and "[Teagan] would have given anything to have inherited her mother's intense amber eyes, ringed by subtle green, but the gene lottery had given her her father's dark brown eyes instead."


  4. HOW AWESOME. I haven't drawn in FOREVER, so I'll see if I can squeeze some time and art skills to enter. Thanks for the reminder and to Megwi for the descriptions! :)

    Btw, do you guys have any poses/situations you'd like to see Teagan and Finn in? Though I think if I do enter, I may just do a B&W one with waist ups due to AP testing and such. But I could definitely try out some scenes you would like to visually see, especially since I have read and enjoyed this one, just a long time ago... I can dig up my copy.