Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti.
Publisher: Viking Childrens Books.
Pages: 256.
Release Date: May 3rd, 2011.
When Brooke's crush, Scott, moves from their suburban town to New York City, she decides to follow him there. Living with her formerly estranged dad and adapting to a new school are challenging, and things go from bad to worse when Brooke learns that Scott already has a girlfriend. But as she builds her new life, Brooke begins to discover a side of herself she never knew existed. And as she finds out, in the city that never sleeps, love can appear around any corner...
So Much Closer is meant to be romantic and dramatic. And while the novel managed to target teenage drama and angst just fine, instead of romantic, I found it just downright unrealistic and even creepy at times.

The protagonist, Brooke, uproots her own life and moves to follow a boy who is considerably a stranger, one of whom she has only spoken to once or twice. And to justify this insanity, she briefly discusses “The Knowing,” some kind of mental sense of direction she has for the future that doesn’t play any other role in the book other than to make Brooke seem less like a stalker. I thought maybe when that ridiculousness had faded, I’d start to like it more, but that just didn’t happen.

A lot of things just didn’t sit right for me. Certain characters are foreshadowed to play bigger parts than they end up being. Brooke’s family drama and the issues with her parents is left unresolved and unexplained. Brooke swings back and forth from being a cynical person who is scared to trust to being a lovesick romantic who believes the “one” for her is someone she doesn’t really know. It just didn’t all click together.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with So Much Closer. It was just too shockingly random and unrealistic for my tastes.

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  1. The Knowing was one of the things that seriously annoyed me about this story as well. And characters that had no place--like Rhiannon. I enjoyed So Much Closer to an extent, but I was also expecting worse because I did not like a thing about Colasanti's last novel, Something Like Fate.

  2. Too bad, it sounded promising. Great, honest review!

  3. I've read only two of her author's novels but they all seem to follow a pretty predictable pattern. Enjoyable, but ultimately, something you read to pass the time until the book you're really looking forward to reading is out, you know? Too bad you didn't really enjoy So Much Closer though...

  4. I've also read some of Colasanti's other works, and they didn't leave a very lasting impression on me. Thanks for the honest review!


  5. I've read When It Happens by this author and loved it. I've read Something Like Fate by this author and didn't like it at all. I'm trying to decide if I want to read this one for not. You say this book seems unrealistic and I thought the same about Something Like Fate. Thanks for the great review!

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