Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BEA Recap: Sunday-Tuesday


I arrived in New York via the Megabus around 7:30 pm. After having a near death experience with a cab driver that should have his license revoked for the rest of his life, I made it to the brownstone (aka Casa De Blogger) I was staying in with 20 other bloggers. Introductions were made, delicious tacos were eaten and then I went to bed early because I had a busy, busy day ahead of me.


I was up at FOUR in the morning to straighten my hair, which was a waste of time considering the New York air did some finky things to it the second I stepped outside. By five, Stacey, Amber, Cindy & I were on our way to Hoboken, New Jersey so we could stop by the famous Carlo's Bakery. (CAKE BOSS!!!!) I saw Frankie and cousin Anthony and maybe fangirled a little. After that, we met up with ELIZABETH freaking EULBERG, who is basically one of the coolest people I've ever met. She bought us breakfast and took us to the ferry and sort of played tour guide. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the week!

After stopping at Javits to get our BEA badges, we hauled ass to the Simon & Shuster building where I attended a title preview with tons of other bloggers! Elizabeth Miles (author of FURY) talked for a bit as well as Ellen Hopkins! The lovely ladies of S&S also showed us upcoming titles, gave away some stuff and took us on top of the ROCKAFELLER BUILDING. How cool is that?! It was waaaaay foggy though so we didn't get to see much.

After that, Shanyn, April, Tirzah & I decided to skip on a few other bookish events and went to go get Pinkberry, which was delicious. (Fruity pebbles on frozen yogurt ... the best idea ever) And then we went to the Harry Potter exhibit. It was EPIC. April got put into Slytherin by the sorting hat (if you know April, you know how appropriate this was :P) we saw life-size props and outfits from the movie and even got to play quidditch! Plus, I touched the blanket Rupert Grint had been snuggled in and the tuxedo that Robert Pattinson had worn. Basically, my life was made.


First day of BEA was made of CRAZYSAUCE. I felt like I was in the moshpit of a show at Warped Tour or something. I was getting tossed around and elbowed and I lost the group I was with about five times. I was overwhelmed after five minutes. But I walked around for a bit until it was time for signings.

And then I met Alexandra Bracken, who is my IDOL. You all know how much I love and fangirl Brightly Woven. This was a big deal. She is every bit as nice and gorgeous and funny in person as she is on Twitter. I wish Javits hadn't been such a madhouse and I could've had the chance to talk with her more. There's always next year though!

After walking around and getting books signed and talking to professionals for a few hours, we went back to the house to rest our feet and relax before our cookout. A few awesome authors like Leanna Heiber & Trinity Faegan stopped by! But I was exhausted and decided to be anti-social and watch the Glee season finale before bed.

Check back for BEA recaps of the rest of the week coming soon!


  1. Yay CAKE BOSS!

    And Harry Potter was soooo much fun!

    Also it was very awesome meeting you :-D

  2. Heck yeah CAKE BOSS!!! I love reading everyone's BEA recaps. And Harry Potter too?! Awesome!

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