Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick BEA Recap: The Yays & Nays

I'll be in Pennsylvania for another two weeks, so expect ridiculously long, detailed posts about my week in NYC for BEA then. (And I'll be doing my first vlog EVER to show you all the goodies I received!) But just to do a quick recap, here are the yays and nays of my week.


- I met so many bloggers that I admire and look up to, such as April from Good Books And Good Wine, Jamie from The Broke & The Bookish/The Perpetual Page-Turner and Lenore from Presenting Lenore. And so many more that I'll be mentioning in my extended BEA posts.

- I went to the Harry Potter exhibit and touched the blanket that Rupert Grint has been wrapped in and the tuxedo that Robert Pattinson wore to the Yule Ball. You weren't supposed to touch anything, but ... RPattz body had been in that suit and you all know my love for him ... how was I to resist?

- I met ALEXANDRA BRACKEN, who is pretty much my idol. I wish I wouldn't have been so starstruck that I would've gotten a picture with her and said something more intelligent. I can only imagine what she thinks of me now.

- I hung out with Elizabeth Eulberg. She is hilarious and so much fun and she bought us breakfast!

- Katie from Katie's Book Blog gave Maureen Johnson my business card and she liked the shiny. She also emailed me that very day and told me she loved my art. *cue insane squealing here*

- I met Maggie Stiefvater. *cue more insane squealing*

- I saw Times Square at night. Probably one of the most amazing experiences ever.


- My first experience in a cab has left me scarred for life. Dang driver almost KILLED me.

- I took pictures of scenery and objects but I rarely have any with PEOPLE. I get so shy that I keep my camera in my purse instead of whipping it out and going photo crazy like I want to. If you have a picture with me, however gross I may look, please send it to me! :)

- A group of asshat bloggers made my friend cry because she asked them not to line jump. Ugh.

- My legs and feet are dead. So ... much ... walking ...

- A foreign driver who reeked charged me $16 more than what the car service people had told me on the phone. I felt like he should've paid me for enduring that hideous odor and god-awful annoying foreign music he had blasting.

- The incredible people at Simon & Schuster took a lot of us bloggers up to the top of the Rockefeller building (which is regularly $50!) but we couldn't see anything because of the heavy fog.

- New York air hated my hair. I don't normally look so nasty, I promise!

That's about all I can think of right now. I'll write out loooooooooooong detailed posts about each day when I return home!


  1. Yo! New York air hated my hair too!!! Not even kidding, I wanted to die. I spent time on my hair and then it looked nasty by 9 AM.

  2. Hi, sounds like an interesting experience, and even with the bad stuff I'm still jealous, especially that you got an email from Maureen Johnson! Anyway, I've been following you for awhile, and when someone gave me an award, I wanted to pass it on to you because I love your blog so much. You can get the award here:

  3. Haha Katie I love this post. And New York air hated my hair too so don't feel bad. It was great meeting you and hanging out with you and hopefully we can do it again next year!

  4. What's with our air? lol This is why I didn't straighten my hair. Besides the nays, and well yeah those taxi drivers are all over, I'm glad u had a good time! How come I didn't see you though? :(

  5. I loved meeting you! As you know, you've long been one of my fave bloggers :)

  6. I had some really smelly drivers too! It was horrible, but you need some bad things for the good ones to be that great. :)

    I'm jealous you met Alexandra Bracken. I love her and Brightly Woven!

  7. They made her CRY!!! That's horrible! What was with some people while at BEA? Between that and the people being physically hurt (either bit or kicked), it was insane and unnecessary.
    I'm happy about all the Yay's though - and I'm the same way with my camera. The entire time I think I got only three photos.

  8. I'm so glad you had such a good time <3

    Made her friggin' CRY, though? Seriously? This is why I scowl upon the majority of the human population. ESPECIALLY bloggers with undue senses of entitlement. I wish I knew they were so I could raise my finger in their general direction to make myself feel a little better :P The rules of cutting have been the same since preschool.

    No cuts, no buts, no coconuts. Seriously, guys.

  9. That would be my middle finger. I needed to clarify because I don't think the pinky would have the same effect.

  10. DUDE. My cab experience was horrible! I didn't want to watch how he was driving, but I was also too afraid to close my eyes. The second experience wasn't any better because the guy couldn't speak English. It made telling him AIRPORT really difficult. Oh, and some creeper tried to pick me up on the side of the road while I was getting a cab. Horrible, horrible experience with the cabs.

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