Friday, August 19, 2011

Fan Art Friday (82)

This week's fan art isn't really fan art. Instead of working on a book inspired piece for the blog which I should have been doing, I've spent most of the week working on a movie poster for a big contest on dA! I figured you'd all rather see a poster rather than not see a post at all! Fortunately I still have a good two weeks to submit my entry, so I'm really looking for your feedback this time. I'd love to make any necessary changes to have it looking like authentic and kick-ass and worthy of placing in the contest! So be honest (but respectful. I haz feelings, you know) and let me know what you think!

Click to view full version.

Thoughts? Yay/nay, awesomesauce or epic fail? Comment and let me know what you think! All feedback is appreciated and requested so I can make this poster the very best it can be for this contest. Thanks in advance!

If you've got YA bookish fan art that you'd like featured on Fan Art Friday, just shoot me an email at!

Happy Weekend!


  1. First I think it's beautiful! I love the tones, the images you chose, how the moon is huge and filled with creatures. The title is clear without overtaking the rest of the image. It's amazing really!

    If I had one thing to comment on, and it's only nitpicking really because I really had to look a long while lol, is that her hair flowing in the wind is a bit blurry, so I would define it a little. But honestly, it's beautiful and I don't think I have any useful input for you. I wish you the best of luck though! :)

  2. This so dreamy. Amazing work.

  3. Love! Gorgeous, deeply suggestive. I want to just stare at it. However, you asked for constructive criticsm, sooo...

    1) The blurry hair. That jumped out to me, as well; the left side stood out in particular. Defining it would help a lot.

    2) The positioning of "Horn" makes the bottom of the image feel a little cluttered. I'm not sure if it's how the girl's elbow cuts off part of the text? But I wonder if moving it up would give us a bit more breathing room. IMO, something there feels too condensed.

    3) One little nitpicky thing about the moon. The small furry-hatted creature made me instantly think of "Where the Wild Things Are." It clashed a bit with the elegant unicorn.

    Those are all pretty small; otherwise I think it's a gorgeous cover and I love it. Good luck. I hope you win!