Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Covers

Top Ten Tuesday was created and is hosted by The Broke And The Bookish. This week's topic is a freebie, so I can do whatever I want. And since I'm not feeling very creative today, I'm just going to list my top ten favorite YA covers of all-time!

1. Ice by Sarah Beth Durst.
This cover is one of the most gorgeous things ever. It might just be because I love polar bears, but I can't get over how beautiful it is. And it totally captures the magic of the book. (which is as equally amazing, by the way!) I'd love to find a big poster of this cover and hang it up so I can enjoy it without pulling the book off my shelf all the time.

2. Fat Vampire by Adam Rex.
I haven't read this one yet, but how awesome is that cover? It's entertaining and eye-catching and even though it doesn't really sound like it'd be my kind of book, I still pine for it just so I can have that kick-ass cover on my shelf.

3. Grace by Elizabeth Scott.
This is another one I haven't read, but it's been on my WL for a very long time. I think this cover is just spectacular. Creepy, intense, explosive ... this designer is a genius, in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the plain black font. I think that could be played up a bit more, but definitely still one of my faves.

4. Perchance To Dream by Lisa Mantchev.
While I think the other two books in the Théâtre Illuminata series are gorgeous, this one takes the cake. It's romantic and magical and gah. I need a poster of this one too. I think I've just got a massive thing for artwork instead of stock images on covers.

5. Dust City by Paul Weston.
Love love love. I love the darkness and the small bits of green and the eyes and the smoke weaving between the text and everything. (Can you tell I'm passionate about cover art?) Need to get me a copy of this book ASAP!

6. Slice Of Cherry by Dia Reeves.
*shivers* That is all.

7. Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison.
This doesn't release until October and unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC, but look at that cover. I hope the actual story is just as incredible.

8. The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour.
Another one that hasn't been released yet. This one comes out next year though. February is awfully far away but at least we get the pretty cover to hold us over until the book actually comes out. *pets cover*

9. Sweetly by Jackson Pearce.
This is another cover that I'd love to have in poster form. Even though I'd probably have to stick it on the wall opposite of which I face when I sleep because a girl could get some crazy nightmares from that face in the branches.

10. Meridian by Amber Kizer.
Even though the model on the cover looks nothing like how the main character is described, I still love this one. Aside from the model, it really does seem to fit in with the story.

That's my top ten! What are some of your all-time favorite covers? Any of these on your list? Comment and share your thoughts!


  1. 90% of the reason I bought Slice of Cherry is because of the cover. LOVE.

  2. Tris & Izzie is up on NetGalley for anyone who's a member and wants to read it. Though PDFs don't come with that gorgeous cover...

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