Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fan Art Friday (87)

This week's fan art is inspired by Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, which is pretty much the most amazing book in existence. If you want to read my review, which is basically just a fangirl gushfest, you can do so here. Anyway, the original piece I had done for this will probably never see the light of day. It was just a jar of teeth sitting on a worn wooden desk with feathers hanging all around. It wasn't bad and it did fit with the story, but it just didn't have the right mood and charm that the story has. I focused more on Karou and I think the outcome is one of my personal favorite pieces from me. In my honest opinion, I feel like that is Karou on my poster. What say you?

Thoughts? Yay/nay, awesomesauce or epic fail? Comment and let me know what you think! Your thoughts are always appreciated!
And if you've got YA bookish fan art that you'd like featured on Fan Art Friday, just shoot me an email at!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the hair,the wishbone and the smoky effects! The ear is way too high on her face though. I don't know if that's a problem with the stock or what.

  2. She's a celebrity and that's actually how her ear is. Never noticed that though! Hahah.

  3. Gorgeous! And I agree with you--best book ever!!!

  4. Effing love this! Fantastic artwork. :-)

  5. I really like that one Katie =)

  6. This is my favorite book at the moment and I love the cover you made for it.

  7. Yes, definitely awesomesauce! You are amazingly talented! I just finished the book yesterday night and I loved it!

    Who's the person on the cover?

    Karen @ I Read To Escape

  8. In case you're wondering why someone's commenting this late, I've just found out about this, thanks to Kimberley @ sunnykimmylovinglife! CONGRATS on a BEAUTIFUL cover!! I had one or two quibbles with the book, but still think Laini Taylor is an AWESOME writer!!

    Maria @

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