Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's here! *throws candy* I've been reading scary books and watching terrifying movies and enjoying all of the cartoon specials all month to get myself pysched for this day even though I don't really do anything to celebrate; except take a bunch of hyper cousins out trick-or-treating. I would totally put a costume on and go door-to-door for myself, but I'm pretty sure people would slam the door on a twenty-one year old girl asking for candy, so I live vicariously through the kids.

Anyway, if you're going out tonight, be safe! Have fun! Eat candy! Scare somebody! And then if you're an old geezer like me, go home and watch all of the Roseanne Halloween episodes because that's what I'm planning on doing.

And if you're wondering what I'm being this year, I'm sticking with who I portrayed at the Harry Potter party not too long ago - Luna Lovegood.

Tomorrow will begin NaNoWriMo and Just Contemporary month! Posts might be a bit slow since I'll be rushing to get writing done, but I'll be reading as much contemporary as I can find on my shelves and posting the reviews as often as I can!