Friday, November 18, 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Warning: I'm not exactly sure if my review has spoilers or not. If you haven't read the books and rely solely on the movies then, yes, it has spoilers. But if you've read the books already, read at your own risk? I will most definitely be discussing specific scenes from this movie. When it comes to novel adapted movies, especially one as wildly popular as Twilight, it's hard to tell what's a spoiler and what isn't.

Okay, so, I'm trying to think of calm, eloquent words to say about this movie and well, I just, um, no. OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE.

Breaking Dawn is not my favorite book of the series. It's also not my least favorite, as New Moon takes that title, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. Probably because I expected it to follow the same direction as the previous three movies. But it didn't. Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the most amazingly adapted movie in the series thus far, hardly deviating from the book at all. (I can only really think of one scene that wasn't in the book. ONE SCENE)

I felt so afraid for this movie. Breaking Dawn is the most mocked book of them all and since I'm fiercely protective of my Twilight, I was cringing to think of the overwhelming hatred this movie would have. And sure, it had it's WTF moments. (That one scene I mentioned earlier happens to be a dream in the very beginning and it's … well .. it's sort of laughable) There's also a scene where the wolves have a confrontation. In wolf form. With words. In their head. And it wasn't so much the wolves that was ridiculous as it was the actors overdramatic narration, but you get my point; there are scenes that will prompt mockery. But if you're a fan of the books and you were nervous about this movie, I wouldn't be.

How sick they made Bella look was WICKED. Props to the CGI guys! And the birth scene was gross. But I roll my eyes at any argument that tries to fault the movie for that. Isn't every birth gross? Or am I wrong and babies come out all polished and clean and perfect? *snorts*

Another thing I loved was how much personality Edward and Bella had in this movie. More than the previous three combined, in my opinion. (The scenes where Bella tries to seduce Edward = HILARIOUS) I feel like they have always been so spirited in the novels but it always fell flat onscreen, something I place the sole blame on the screenwriter. But whoever is responsible for the change, Bill Condon or Melissa Rothenberger or whoever, THANK YOU.

Overall, I think Breaking Dawn Part 1 was sorta kinda perfect, aside from said WTF moments. I'm not a fan of splitting movies into parts, wasn't a fan when they did it to Harry Potter and definitely not a fan now, but I'm near twitching with excitement and anticipation for the next one. Absolutely loved it and NEED to find someone to go with me to see it again!

P. S – I always try to hold my tongue, but I have to say this. You may call me a bitch, I don't care, but if you're one of the people who go see the movies to mock it, berate it, laugh at it, trash it … don't. Just don't. I understand that my words probably mean nothing and you're free to do whatever you want to do yadayadayada, but I had a somewhat unpleasant experience with people like this tonight and you know what? You sort of ruin it for everyone who's excited, everyone who actually loved the movie. We didn't pay $10, we didn't spend all year excited for this, to listen to your negativity and ignorance. But if you still feel the need to do it, at least be quiet about it. Otherwise you'll end up making yourself look like an asshat. Just saying.


  1. Oh, I reviewed this too! I guess I wasn't the only person who camped out at the midnight viewing :-D I posted my review too! check it out.

  2. I totally agree with your P.S. note. It's so obnoxious when people just go to see the movie so they can mock it because really then they are making fun of everyone who is excited about seeing it. But I'm thinking that these people secretly really do want to see it but feel the need to act "too cool" for it (because why else would they spend $10-12?).

  3. I love the movie.It was great!I didn't like the part where the wolves are talking in their head.

  4. I went into this one with really low expectations. (Although I was also really excited, if you can figure that out?) And I loved it.

    There were definite WTF moments... but I just laughed at them and found them to add to the humor factor of the movie. (Seriously - wasn't the wolf scene supposd to be funny? Ok; maybe not. But I found it so.)

    But overall? I did love the movie, and I have to admit that I *have* already seen it twice...

  5. I definitely agree. I was a little surprised with how much I liked it. I really should reread the book again, because I think I could appreciate it more now without all my expectations.
    The wolves scene was definitely the worst, but if that's as bad as it gets then I'm happy! My semi-review goes up today!

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