Friday, January 27, 2012

Fan Art Friday (90)

It's the return of Fan Art Friday! Fall has been so hectic with working and writing, but I'm determined to start posting weekly again. For my grand comeback, I did a piece inspired by Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I haven't reviewed it yet, but I absolutely loved it. This thing took so long to do. And the length didn't have anything to do with the shattered dress. I had a hard time picking a Juliette, but finally settled on Summer Glau. (who is too old to play a teenager now, but she looks decent enough in the picture) But that's not Summer's real hair or dress. Ohhh, no. That's about six different celebrity hairstyles piled on to another celebrity's body/dress with Summer's face. Whew! But I think it came out pretty good. What say you?

Thoughts? Yay/nay, awesomesauce or epic fail? Comment and let me know what you think!

And if you've got YA bookish fan art that you'd like featured on Fan Art Friday, shoot me an email at!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I like this more than the actual book cover.

  2. That shattering dress is amazing! I can see how that whole picture ended up taking some time, but wow!:)

  3. That is absolute amazing! This cover may be better than the original cover for Shatter Me, and it represents the book a tad bit more in my opinion. Love it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love this! I also love that you used Summer Glau. She's the best.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous. Great job with it! It really fits the book and generally looks awesome =)

  7. Oh. My. Cupcakes.

    I love this. Like, wow.

    I will be perfectly honest: while I loved Shatter Me, I did not get the cover. Not the dress (I know it's in the book, but still?) not the actress, not the pose, nothing. I didn't know what it was trying to say.

    Soo bottom line being--not only is your fan art gorgeous, but I suddenly feel like I get the concept behind the original Shatter Me art. Huge kudos to you!

    (Also, I do a lot of graphic design, and I had a snortlaugh moment when you mentioned her hair. Been there, done that!)


  8. Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous!!!! My love for Summer Glau notwithstanding, I think I actually like this mock up better than the actual cover!


  9. Oh my God. I wish this was the book cover! I hate the original cover!

  10. Oh nooooo ! I love this book, and I'm really excited to see your fan art but... I can't see it ! :/
    It has disappeared from your article !

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