Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help Change Bully's Rating + Cover News!

There is a very important movie being released soon. Probably the most important and relevant movie for this year. Bully is a documentary that focuses on bullying in school, a problem that I feel has finally reached a boiling point. However harsh this film may be, young teenagers need to see it. They need to be aware of the monumental consequences of bullying and they need to understand how big of an issue this really is.

But if the MPAA gets their way, this movie won't have its desired effect at all. An 'R' rating means that it won't be allowed to play in schools, and the only way teens will be able to see it is if they watch it in theaters with an adult accompanying them. But let's face it - how many teenagers are going to willingly see this movie? Not enough to make an impact.

If you feel as strongly as I do about this, and you want to at least try to convince the MPAA to reverse the rating, please sign the petition. And if you're reading this and don't think this is a huge issue, watch the trailer for the movie below. I dare you to not feel disgusted.

In other happier, fangirling news! Alexandra Bracken has released the cover for The Darkest Minds, which releases this December! (Did I mention there is a movie adaption attached o it? Squee!) I, personally, love it. It's totally eye-catching. And also, I'm very thankful that there isn't a girl with windswept hair in a pretty dress. Getting pretty tired of those covers ...