Friday, March 30, 2012

Fan Art Friday (96)

This week's fan art is based on Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It's also my contribution to NICK ROUX FOR FINNICK ODAIR campaign. Those of you that follow me on Twitter might have noticed how ridiculously obsessed I am with the show Jane By Design and the actor that stars in it, Nick Roux, and when he expressed interest in playing one of my favorite Hunger Games characters - Finnick Odair - this week, I immediately went to work on convincing everyone that he's great for the part. Not only is he a fabulous actor, but as you can see, with a bit of photoshopping, he definitely fits the bronze haired, green-eyed, muscular and pretty-boy image that Finnick has going on in the book. I'm not sure how much of an impact we can have on the casting, but even if a little buzz got him an audition - that'd be amazing!

What do you think? Does he fit the part for you? If so, start talking about it! Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook - anywhere! Like I said, I'm sure Lionsgate rolls their eyes at our attempts to cast the movie ourselves but a little exposure never hurts.

Happy Weekend!


  1. YUM! I just finished the first season of Jane by Design TODAY! YAY! Nick is such a cutie! I also mentioned to a couple people on Twitter that he kisses with lots of tongue on the show. ;) Just normally you see open mouthed kisses with no tongue...not with Billy!

    1. YUM INDEED! And yes, I very much enjoy the way he kisses. (Just wish it wasn't Lulu he was working those hot kissing skills on but that is another conversation haha!)

  2. Heck yeaaaah our Nick Roux!!! :D Yums. He def looks like Finnick to me! Amazing job Katie! :)

  3. haters gonna hate...
    YEAH, please noooo! I love Jane by design! But I kinda hate Nick Roux, he is weird, and not at all like Finnick!

    1. To each their own! For me, I've learned not to judge actors on their looks/previous experience because I hated Josh Hutcherson and thought he was weird and completely horrible for Peeta but he absolutely proved me wrong so you never know.

      Also, I'm not demanding he be cast, I'm just trying to get him an audition! No harm in that!

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