Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silence by Michelle Sagara

Silence by Michelle Sagara.
Publisher: DAW.
Pages: 256.
Release Date: May 1, 2012.
Source: Publisher.
“It began in the graveyard. Ever since her boyfriend Nathan died in a tragic accident Emma had been coming to the graveyard at night. During the day she went through the motions at her prep school, in class, with her friends, but that’s all it was. But tonight was different. Tonight Emma and her dog were not alone in the cemetery. There were two others there—Eric, who had just started at her school, and an ancient woman who looked as though she were made of rags. And when they saw Emma there, the old woman reached out to her with a grip as chilling as death….”

While Silence had a handful of scenes that excited and thrilled me and kept me turning pages, it was - for the most part, for me - a letdown.

I loved the diversity of the characters. That was one of my favorite things about this book and one of the main reasons I continued to read. Each character had a distinct personality and handled the plot in their own way and that always makes for a very, very cool reading experience.

But there were just so many things that didn't sit right with me. I understand fiction doesn't have to take cues from real life since it's not real and all, but it's hard to swallow the fact that these characters just accepted and believed whatever supernatural situation was being thrown at them without hesitation. I'm not saying I wanted them to vehemently refuse to believe anything throughout the whole book, but a little doubt would have been perfect. I was also extremely frustrated when something weird - some epic event that seems to be beneficial to the story - would happen and it wasn't explained. It happened and that was the end of that.

Overall, Silence just wasn't a book for me. A lot of other people are really enjoying it and I can totally see why; despite my issues with it, it's a breath of fresh air from the regular ghost/necromancer books out there! If you're a fan of necromancer/ghost books or a fan of dark YA in general, I think you'll like this book a lot more than I did!

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  1. Aww that's too bad you didn't like it. Hopefully I'll like it a little more than you did when I get to read it. Thanks for the honest review. :)

    1. I hope you'll like it a lot more than me too! It gets insanely good reviews from other bloggers so I think I'm just in the minority! :)