Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want Santa To Bring Me

Top Ten Tuesday was created and is hosted by The Broke And The Bookish. This week's topic is books I want Santa to bring me this year for Christmas. The list is quite lengthy so narrowing it down to ten was hard but these are the OMG I NEED RIGHT THIS INSTANT titles.

Dear Santa, 

All of these books. Pretty please.

1. Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor - I feel like such a horrible fangirl for not buying this already but Christmas shopping has completely decimated my bank account and I'm not even finished ...

2. Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake - See above. I'm not sure how I'm surviving knowing this book is out and I haven't gotten a copy yet.

3. Fathomless by Jackson Pearce - Even though I'm still bitter that the publisher changed the covers and I won't have another gorgeous cover to match Sisters Red and Sweetly, I have to have this book. Jackson's modernized fairy tales are some of the best I've ever read.

4. Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garica and Margaret Stohl - I just finished Beautiful Chaos the other night and THE FEELS. Holy meatballs I need the final book so badly. And more Linkubus is an added bonus.

5. Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh - Nevermore was absolutely incredible. I've never read a book that played around inside of my head so much while reading it. I neeeeeeeeed this sequel in my hands as soon as possible.

6. For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund - I am such a huge fan of her Killer Unicorn books (still holding out hope for another one ...) And I've heard so many amazing things about this one.

7. The Siren trilogy by Tricia Rayburn - I'm counting all of these as one since it's a trilogy and I don't own any of them yet. I've gotten advanced copies of the first two books and holy meatballs they are AMAZING. I think this is one series that totally flew under the rug and I'm not sure why. Hoping to add them to my permanent collection soon!

8. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer/The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin - Got an ARC of Unbecoming at BBC in 2011 and absolutely loved it. I need finished copies of both so I can find a place for them on my favorites shelf.

9. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore - I am ashamed of myself for not buying or reading this yet. And I call myself a Graceling fangirl. *shakes head* Santa, help me out here?

10. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson - Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is one of my contemporary YA novels of all-time and I hear from some blogger friends that this one is just as good!

Not quite sure how I managed to end this list without tacking on about fifty more so I better wrap this up before I'm even more tempted. Are any of these books on YOUR Christmas list? If not, let me know what books you're wishing for!


  1. Nice list there! I actually wasn't a huge fan of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I didn't like all the questions left unasnwered. Or the ending! What a cliffhanger, right?

  2. 1,7 and 8! I totally want santa bring me as well!

  3. Yes, Second Chance Summer is so good!! Definitely a must-read.

    ( My Top Ten )

  4. One of my friends just got me DOBAS! And I need to read the rest of Cashore's books...

  5. Great list! 1 and 10 are tops on my TBR list. Hope Santa is good to you! Here is my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-1jF

  6. 1,6 are amazing books . Good luck with getting the books :)

  7. Interesting list. I loved Bitterblue. I hope Santa hooks you up with at least a few (or all) of them :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  8. Great list! Wouldn't mind Bitterblue under the christmas tree.

  9. Girl of Nightmares needs to get under your christmas tree, a.s.a.p! It was such a strong, intriguing and creepy book!

  10. Second Chance Summer is so good! Amy & Roger is my favourite though.