Monday, February 4, 2013

Cinders & Sapphires Blog Tour: Servant's Time-Table

I recently read and absolutely LOVED Cinders & Sapphires by Leila Rasheed so I'm thrilled to be a part of the blog tour! In the book, Rose progressively learns how to be a lady's maid to Lady Ada and Lady Georgiana and I've got the time-table she follows in the book to show you guys!


Rose’s time-table (Lady’s maid to Lady Ada and Lady Georgiana)

7 a.m. – Annie wakes you and brings you tea, a Breakfast Tray, and hot water with which to wash.
7:30 a.m. – Enter ladies’ chambers. Before waking them, make sure all clothes have been picked up and the room straightened from the night before. Prepare what they are to wear that morning.
All the other Servants will take Breakfast in the Servants' Hall at a quarter-past eight; however, you will be assisting Lady Ada and Lady Georgiana to dress at this time.
8 a.m. -- wake the Ladies. The head housemaid will bring their Tea and thin slices of bread and butter from the kitchen, and you must make sure the newspaper and any correspondence is on her tray. You should run her bath, help her to dress and do her hair.
9 a.m. – attend to bedrooms: tidy the personal effects in their Bedrooms and arrange outdoor clothes should they choose to go riding or walking. You will need to assist her to change into her outdoor attire. It is customary for you to accompany the Mistress if she is going out.
9:30 am – Family breakfast in the dining room
10.30 a.m. –receive daily orders.
11 am Tea is served in the Servants' Hall.

12 pm The Servants' Dinner is served at Midday. You will take the meat course along with all the other Servants in the Servants' Hall before retiring to the Housekeeper's Room (Pugs' Parlour) for pudding, coffee and tea with the other Upper Servants.

1 p.m. – Family dining-room luncheon
Providing your Mistress does not require your service, you may choose to busy yourself with needlework or repairs to the Ladies' clothing, or wash their underwear and personal garments.

2.30 p.m. – Change dress. Put large clean apron over afternoon black dress and muslin apron. If mistress does not require your service, you make take a break until 4 pm.
4 p.m. – Tea in Servant’s Hall
4:30 pm Help ladies dress for 5 pm tea
5 pm  Family Afternoon Tea in the drawing room
Tidy the Ladies' Bedrooms once again, and begin to prepare their clothing for Dinner.

6:30 p.m. – Dress ladies for dinner
8 p.m. – Family dinner in dining room
Tidy your Mistress's Bedroom, ensure that her flowers are fresh, her cologne bottles are filled, her hairbrushes are cleaned and that she has an adequate supply of cosmetic preparations. Before you leave, you must iron the top sheet on her bed.

9:30 Supper in Servants’ Hall
The remaining part of the evening is to be spent at your leisure, knowing that you may not retire until your Mistress is ready for bed, when you will need to assist her undressing and loosen and brush her hair.

The Second Footman will collect and clean your shoes and return them to you first thing in the morning.


And here's another treat for those of you who have read the book - the Averley family tree! Click to enlarge.

Book Trailer:

Buy Cinders & Sapphires: Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Books-A-Million/IndieBound/Book Depository



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