Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Takeover: Zombies!

Today is all about ZOMBIES! I don't have a ton of favorites since zombies are actually a pretty big fear of mine but there ARE a few that I love that are worth mentioning!


Zombieland - Favorite zombie movie ever. Hands down. And not just because Emma Stone - my favorite actress - stars in it. This movie is hilarious and heartfelt and most importantly ... NOT DEPRESSING.

Shaun of the Dead - I'd imagine this one is on everybody's list but it had to be mentioned because I absolutely think it's one of the greatest zombie movies ever made! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost never fail to make me laugh.

Warm Bodies - LOVE this movie and the book (check out my review here) by Isaac Marion is even better! A lot of horror fans kind of shunned this one but there's nothing wrong with a different, uplifting take on the undead, is there? Plus Nicholas Hoult is one sexy zombie.


The Walking Dead - I tried watching this show when it first premiered on Halloween night three years ago but it seemed a lot like the opening to the movie 28 Days Later and I was a bit unimpressed. But then, before the premiere of season three, I was bored and turned on one of the marathons AMC runs before a premiere. And I was immediately hooked. It's scary but thrilling and Daryl Dixon and I just want Carl to be eaten and GAH - gives me so many feels!


The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - The first zombie novel I ever read. This book is so terrifying and emotional and gut-wrenching and I loved every second of it. And I think the companion novels - The Dead-Tossed Waves and The Dark and Hollow Places are even better!

Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow - In this series, Dru Anderson has to fight all kinds of supernatural stuff but the zombie scenes are my favorite because they're always a bit more intense!


What are some of your favorite zombie movies, TV shows and books? Comment and let me know! And please feel free to join in with the Halloween Takeover on your own blog! You can see the schedule for the rest of the week here!


  1. I love the Forest Of Hands And Teeth - that whole trilogy is fantastic. I like how it all came together.

    I agree about not having a ton of favorite zombie movies -- but Shaun Of The Dead is on my list for sure.

    I have to admit that I got nightmares from the new version of Dawn Of The Dead and also had like night terrors for the longest time over 28 Days Later. Scary stuff, yo.

    What a fun Halloween feature!

    1. Totally agree with you! The newer version of Dawn Of The Dead ... holy meatballs, can't even do it. Watched it once and it SCARRED me! Especially the end credits. o_O

  2. Have you read the Benny Imura books by Jonathan Maberry? The first one is Rot and Ruin...another amazing series.

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